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Author Topic: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  (Read 9560 times)
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« Reply #15 on: November 22, 2004, 10:39:34 AM »

The Open Season
Ice and snow on the window,
Across the counter strewn about,
Are jars each which throw,
Glorious smells for my snout.

Opened jars of peanut butter,
Mixed with honey, mixed with jam,
Mixed with meat, don’t call me a nutter,
I have weird tastes, it’s how I am.

Frige is open, fruit on the floor,
Ice box open, oh what’s in store?
Fruit and ice cream I WANT MORE
Until my mom closes the door.

Though it was the open season,
I find my self, now a’cleanin’.
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I am;
A Labourless Peasant, (Damning, Rambling, Aspiring, Unenlightening, King of Anything)
A Masked Faceless, (Diabolical Reliable Assassin of the Underworld, Knowledgeable in the mimickable Arts.)
A Soldier of Sand, Deplorable and Dutiful. Rugged yet Refined. United, and Undeniable. Austere yet Amendable. Kind, and Kingly. Arduous yet Amiable.
A General of the Fallen Legion, (I led my forces into the Deep, we Ran to Assault the Undefeated Keep. Admirably my men crashed like a wave to a ship. the ground shook with our marching and caused me to slip. I fell and later I began to wake. the ground again began to shake, but this time every one fell... Into the Lord’s precipice of hell, here I am damned to forever fall into the abyss.)
A King of the Fallen Nation, (Death stalks his murky streets. Rats run rampant to their Abundant feasts. The Undead stalk the boarders at night. the King, though fallen, has yet to be defeated in a fight. No nation dares intrude upon the unrelenting king. For they fear the horrors his merciless wrath would bring. People fear to leave his nation, and also to Arrive. But his people are just as relentless and resialiant,  they strive to survive.) “The Nation of Steel Will Never Yield.
An Emperor [span style=\'color:green\']of the Anarchists
, (Dispiteous Reaper of Atrocion, Underestimated Kaiser of Ambition)
A God [span style=\'color:green\']of the Faithless[/span], (Defiance, I will never allow. Reliance, I will never allow. Assurance, I will never give. Understanding, I will never give. Killing I will never explain. Always basking, in paradox.)
I am: The Dead, The Underworld, and Death.
I am... Drauka.

-Remorse for there is naught left to remorse for.
-We are the metaphorical whores of a new generaltion.
-Again metaphors that means people sit silent and still.
-Ah, this life is just my chessboard, and you are just my pawn.
-Feel the fucking fire rise, up and above and past your eyes.

Jason H. Fredricks'
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