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« Reply #15 on: December 21, 2003, 06:10:55 AM »

Well, I'm interested if anyone else still is, but I've never played an RP before, so bear with me.  Here I go...

Placed my land to the northwest of Lothlorien, on the other side of the Misty Mountains.

South Farthing

Location and Notable Places:
Located on the west side of the Misty Mountains, the South Farthing is a rich, fertile land populated by halflings, who, though small in stature, bear an incredible inner strength when it comes to it.  While short of strength, halfings have incredible aim, and thus make very good archers.  To the north is the East-West Road.  The South Downs and a small mountain range create a barrier between the South Farthing and Desert Nation, with only one safe path from the barrow-wights.  To the east is the plain at the foot of the Misty Mountains.  To the west lies the ocean and beyond, accessed by the harbor at the Grey Havens.  While there are minimal outer fortifications to the South Farthing, its defense is stoutly maintained by the hardy bounders, though they are rarely are needed as the SOuth Farthing is generally known as a land of peace.

Approximately 10,000 halflings, consisting of:
250 calvary (on ponies, not full horses as only one halfling has ever been able to ride a full grown horse)
300 city guards
450 swords-halflings
1,000 bounders
3,000 archers
5,000 common halflings, who live normal lives, and throw a mean stone.

Gold is sometimes used, but within the South Farthing usually trade is prefered to currency.

The halflings have long been isolated from the rest of the world and are largely unexposed to war and treachery, but as the years go on tension has grown on the borders.  The bounders grow restless as they sense oncoming conflict, but they know not whence the feeling came or who to fear.  Wierd happenings have begun acroos the land, along with the appearance of wolves and many strange folk.  The halflings fear their isolation is ending, and they will soon be thrown into the rest of the world...

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