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Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Drauka on September 02, 2003, 01:03:27 AM
You enter the common room to the great domed arena of Masurmase. Right when you walk in, words magically scrawl in an intense blue light before you,

 Navagtion room: Questions? Lost? Ask somone here, or goto the observation deck above and I’m sure you’ll be enlightend.

Bedrooms: To the door near your left, also double as an infirmary,“Quiet Please”
Observation Deck: The staircase just to your left leads up to a bar that serves drinks for free, to patrons watching the current battles, or soldiers resting in-between. The fighting area of the arena is also accessible from this location.

Smithy and Training area: Directly west, Live game is also create-able in the mutation room, or simple straw dummies may be used, over looked and accessible by the Observation deck. The smithies may be used to repair damaged equipment, or create new weapons for a unique opponent.

The mutation room: The staircase leading down on your right allows you to combine multiple creatures or elements to create creatures for training room fodder. Or you can make one to battle someone else’s creation in the arena. Every creature is innately loyal to his or her creator, no matter how cruel or vile they might be.

And finally the prize through the huge mithril double doors just 20 yards in front of you, is the Battle Arena Where you can pit your skills against another, or fight your mutated creatures.

The blue words fade, and you notice rules enscribed on the doors.
1. No one post kills.
2. Posts must be varied and descriptive.
3. Multiple battle can take place at once.
4. No interfering with a current battle unless invited.
5. Constantly escaping death is looked down upon UNLESS your escapes are original, unique, and ingenius.
6. The Building is self repairing but try to avoid too much structural damage.
7. Equipment should be listed before the battle, but skills and spells shouldn't be.

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Drauka on September 02, 2003, 01:11:34 AM
*Drauka enters the navigation room, then descends into the mutation room. He places a butterfly and a piece of burnt pitch in the mutation chamber. Brilliant lights flash as a Blackened Pixie dressed in flames exits the chamber.*
The dry unchanging voice of Drauka says, “Intresting outcome... Well I guess you’ll have to do, I name you ash. Follow me.”
*Drauka leaves the mutation chamber, and continues upwards to the Observation deck. He sits down at the bar and orders a pint of taint. Sipping while waiting for any challenges – to himself or to his creation.*

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Perdition on September 02, 2003, 04:26:14 AM
*Fire causiously enters the mutation room.  She digs through her troll skin pouch and produces a bottle of black sand and a small red feather, placing them in the center of the room, she steps back.  A flash of blue light followed by a small popping noise produces a small green tree.*

"I always get the strange things" sighs fire.

*A small gnome(smaller than average) scampers out of the tree and bows before his master*

"At your service, madam." squeeks the small gnome.
*Fire picks up the tree and places it in her pouch.  She looks down at the gnome still bowing before her, picks him up and places him in her pocket.   She strolls out of the mutaion chamber and heads towards the training area.*

"time to see what this gnome can do" she says to herself.

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Drauka on September 02, 2003, 05:11:15 AM
(Ooc: That’s nothing real funny, the first time I did the Battle Arena the First reply I got. A guy put tongue of toad, fang of vampire and all this evil powerful creature stuff in. And a then Rabbit hair. It was Ash VS the bunny off of Monty Python, LOL! We just went back and forth through the movie. I started with Tim the enchanters fire show. And he bit my leg off and I said its mearly a flesh wound, etc.)

*As fire enters the Training Area. Ash stands up, flames leaping higher. She opens her mouth to speak but Drauka slaps her. “Dont speak unless asked to.” Drauka says as he walks towards the stairs leading down into the arena. He shouts, “Fly to me.” Ashes wings open up larger then thought possible on the little one foot wonder she fly’s high into the air and lands silently on Drauka’s shoulder. Drauka orders her to take her position for the up coming battle and she flutters a few yards ahead of him. As she fly’s forwards you notice, that it isn’t just one set of wings its hundreds up and down her back.

She begins making ridicules hand movements as if drawling a picture in the air, and her flame clothing leaps higher, signaling her readiness. Drauka again shouts in a flavorless flawless voice, “Come over here, please, get ready, I shall allow you to go first, if it is your wish. The only way to test them is to fight them against one another.”*

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Perdition on September 02, 2003, 05:23:14 AM
(well I really have no idea what the hell I'm doing LOL.  but gnomes r awesome so I wanted one LOL.  I'll try to be more creative but I'm not very good at stuff that requires creativity LOL. )

*Fire gently places the tree on the damp floor and the gnome beside it.*

(feeling uncreative again LOL. can you start this out so i can get an idea how it works :) )

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Drauka on September 02, 2003, 05:36:21 AM
Its easy, if i can do it anyone can do it.

*Ash draws another complicated symbol in the air. This time fire following her fingers. As the symbol is completed, it blows up in her face causing her to fly into the air. A shock wave of fire shoots out in a perfect ring. As the wafve reaches drauka he calmly hopps over it.*

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Perdition on September 02, 2003, 05:57:52 AM
(I haven't come up with a name for the gnome yet so I'm going to call him noname until something better comes along LOL)

* " Show me what you got." Fire says to No name.  No name climbs into the deep branches of his tree and dispeers from site.  rusteling noises can be heard, but still no sign of him.  Enventually no name returns to veiw carrying a long string of twinkle lights.  as the last light slithers out of the tree's branches, no name starts to wave them in the air.  Faster and faster, until with a flick of his wrist he flings one of the small glowing bulbs of the strand and it creates an exspolsion on the floor.  Thick green smoke fills the room."FLICK, POP"  this time the smoke is crimsion, "FLICK, POP", the smoke is fushia.  This contues on until no name is out of bulbs to fling.  He slowely rolls up the cord in his hands and sits down for further instruction.*  

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Drauka on September 02, 2003, 06:08:04 AM
So reguarding the fire wave? Bleh nevermind.

*Ash flutters gently high in the air, trying to excape the smoke and to get better visibility.  Unsuccessful, he decides to do it the old fasioned way. Holding his long lithe like arms in front of him he creates a triangle with his thumbs and fore fingers. Blowing through the triangle causes fireballs to begin expanding and droping out of it, as they get lower, they break up and create smaller marble like fireballs. An effective rain, painfull if not overly damaging, hopeing for a scream of some sort.

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Perdition on September 02, 2003, 06:23:54 AM
omg i totally forgot that part.  it was going to be in ther but whoops.  sry bout that.

* No name ducks, but the fireballs still hit a few branches.  No name scrambles trying to think of a way to put the fire out.  Suddenly and idea pops into no name's head,  he starts chanting  "Neopolitan, Chocolate chip swirl, lemon merangue pie."  nothing happens.  No name scraches his head, throughly convinced that last attempt would be succesfull.  He is really getting frantic now three more branches have cought fire.  He runs into the tree trying to find something to put it out with.  Meanwhile Fire is sitting back and watching the stupidity of her gnome.  she sighs, reaches for a nearby goblet and dumps water on the tree, putting out the flames.  No name scampers out lof the tree looking greatful.  Fire kicks him out of anger. He bounces away and hits a nearby wall, hard.  Still dazed but ready for action, No name stands up and pulls off his hat.  inside is a round pebble.  No name starts to massage the pebbel.  the pebble starts to turn blue.  No name throws the pebble at Ash, Ash and Drauka are now surrounded by a moat of water.*

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Drauka on September 02, 2003, 10:08:08 PM
Auron, the mutation room is just one aspect of the arena. The majority of people who do this dont even use the mutation room they create a character to spar with each other, like that.

Yeah, I just skimmed the first post when I read it earlier. Neat idea though. ^_^[/i]

*Ash, hearing the gnome hidden under the smoke scream dives down towards the sound. Taking a breath and tucking her wings in, flames flow behind her at her blinding speed of the dive. Her wings spread back out and she lands lightly next to the tree. She makes a movement like the swinging an axe, and instantly an axe of flame appears in her hand. She swings back apperntly to cut down the tree.*

*As the water surrounds Drauka he stares in utter confusion. He looks up near the ceiling of the dome towards his fairy... then towards the moat. Back to the fairy... then to the moat. then watches in dismay as ash dives into the smoke, and loses visibility of her.*

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Perdition on September 05, 2003, 12:53:20 AM
[ hmm I don't know how to respond to this,  seeing as i'm still pretty new to the RPing world.  And I don't quite know what you have in mind for your pixie creature.  So i cannot predict what she will do as she comes out of the smoke]

[EDIT:  ok I got my semi creative brain back here it goes]

* fire looks around,  she can vagely see the outline of Drauka.  but his pixie is nowhere in sight.  
"hmmm.  where could she be?"  Fire asks herself.
Fire steals a glance at her gnome.  he is sitting at the base of his tree taking a nap, "figures" Fire sighs to herself.*

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Drauka on September 05, 2003, 04:48:14 AM
Alright, its action reaction.

My action - Cut down your tiny tree with a flaming Axe

You reaction - some counter that will stop me, damage me, or cause me to think better of attacking the tree.

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Perdition on September 05, 2003, 05:36:14 AM
o nooooo not my TREEE wahahaha.  sry bout that but I was so very attached to it LOL

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Drauka on September 06, 2003, 03:34:51 AM
Bleh I know im horrible at explaing thing but, I'm Trying to hit it. I havent hit it yet.

You can say anything at all, your gnome kicked my knee and it stoped me, or your tree sent out bees from a tiny beehive. IMAGINATION is the key...

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Perdition on September 06, 2003, 04:56:40 AM
:( ohh but i'm all out of that LOL

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: FragMaster1972 on September 12, 2003, 06:41:42 AM
hmmm, looks somewhat interesting. mebbe ill give it a shot sometime. not now though, gotta think up some cool stuff first. :cool:  

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Meredoth on October 11, 2003, 01:48:12 AM
Meredoth just lloking for new people to use for his necromancer spell :D s

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Drauka on October 11, 2003, 03:58:26 AM
Drauka orders his pixie to come over to him. He bows to the gnome and its trainer... "Good match, I give you the victory." He then orders the pixie to the training area, whilest moving himself to the center of the arena.

Weapons: Dragon-bone Dagger, Snakestaff, and many Dirks ranging from a 6" to 2' (Can explode, revolving blades)

armour: Robe of Drauka. (Alive, Many hidden pockets and sheaths, weightless)

Misc: Eye of Drauka. (Flight, Can catch itsel fon fire)

(Ok meredoth. My charecter largely depends on the weapon im holding. I also "summon" weapons for more advance spells. i left off my curseing scythe because mostly Necro spells are associated with it.)

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Perdition on October 14, 2003, 10:16:02 PM
sry I wasn't really paying attention. o well  i'm surpirsed you let me win.

Title: Battle Arena
Post by: Drauka on October 23, 2003, 11:20:35 PM
No prob fire fairy- im a little idssapointed that -all- my threads are flops. LOL but where the heck is meredoth?