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Author Topic: WFiS Characters  (Read 16533 times)
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« on: May 21, 2004, 12:43:23 PM »

Characters thread for What Follows in Shadow.
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« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2004, 04:29:10 PM »

Weeeell... I just lost the 45 minutes of typing I did for this, so I guess I'm going to either do a shortened version of type it all again... *sighs* stay tuned.
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« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2004, 04:47:13 PM »

Due to when the campaign will take place, and some limitations of how this will be run, the following are unavailable:

[li] Channelers of any description. Too fiddly without everyone having a copy of the rules.
[li] Aiel. They havent come west yet.
[li] Sea Folk. Rare.
[li] Any character concept that requires events after the first book to have ocurred.

Due to the loss of my massive post, I'll do this in stages rather than all at once to preserve whats left of my sanity. Everyone should post the following:

Character name:
Homeland: (Borderlands/Cairhien/Arad Doman/Ebou Dar/Illian/Andor/Tear/Tar Valon/Tarabon)
Class: (Algai'd'siswai (NWN Barbarian... kinda... a bit) Armsman (NWN fighter-ish), Noble (NWN Bardish... a bit), Wanderer (NWN Rogue-ish), Woodsman (NWN Ranger-ish))
History: (As vague or detailed as you want, but it should cover their key abilities and concepts)
Physical description:

For example, my sexy Domani character would be:

Character Name: Sansa
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Homeland: Arad Doman
Class: Wanderer
History: The daughter of a wealthy Domani merchant, Sansa always wanted to head and explore the world. At the age of 18, she left home with only a few possessions, without the knowledge of her parents. Now, 4 years on, she finds herself in Caemlyn, at the time Logain is captured...
Physical Description: Thin, lithe, and attractive, Sansa is everything that most have come to expect from Domani women. She stands 5'7" tall, and has long, dark hair worn loose to the middle of her back.

... and so on. Once you've all posted I'll... continue...
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« Reply #3 on: May 24, 2004, 05:55:58 PM »

Character name:      Kaliten Hemiseen
Sex:          male
Age:          26
Homeland:       Saldaea
Class:          Armsman

History:       Having spent the last 8 years in the Saldaean foot infantry this individual has seen enough of the blight border for his share of dreams. Having been briefly taken by a Halfman last year he no longer posseses a tongue and is now on permenant leave until he sees fit to return to duty. Bitter beyond sanity, yet slow to temper, he has come to see the Aes Sedai and this...Logain.

Physical description:   Not tall, to most Andorans in the Caemlyn streets, he stands at 5'4", and walks around the swords strung at his waist through a thick hemp sash. Deep brown almost black eyes, with almost always drawn down eye brows a top, he scowls at all in his way and doesnt seen to care who jumps where. His thick black hair is drawn to the crest of his head where a topknot is tied so the hair protrudes upwards then falls down his back.

Background Feat: Stealthy
Background Skill: Listen
Equipment: mail shirt

Dex,    16
Str,    11
Con,    10
Wis,    9
Int,    12
Cha,   13


climb      2
craft      2
handle animal   4
intimidate   7
jump      2
ride      4
swim      1

balance      4
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and the last question do u get a sudden eye twicth and shudder wen i say :

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rite ive declared u imorally peasant like
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« Reply #4 on: May 26, 2004, 02:50:01 PM »

Character Details

Character name: Tom Carter
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Homeland: Midlands (Andor)
Class: Woodsman
Physical description: Tom is above average height, well-built, and has short, blonde hair.
History: Tom has grown up on and around his father's farm, situated a short days walk from Caemlyn. He is relatively strong, due to growing up doing farmwork, and he often went hunting with his father, giving him a good knowledge of nature and fair bow-skills. As a child he was always very inquisitive, and his curious nature has stayed with him as he has grown, bringing him to the city to find out what all this 'false dragon' fuss is about.

Background Feat: Strong Soul
Background Skill: Wilderness Lore


STR: 14          AbilityModifier: +2
DEX: 14          AbilityModifier: +2
CON: 13          AbilityModifier: +1
INT: 10          AbilityModifier: 0
WIS: 12          AbilityModifier: +1
CHA: 10          AbilityModifier: 0

Bonuses, Saves, etc

Base Attack Bonus:    +1 (­C­)
Fortitude Save:       +2 (C,S)
Reflex Save:          +0 (­C­)
Will Save:            +1 (C,S)
Defense Bonus:        +3 (­C­)

Save vs Death:        +1 (S)
Save vs Energy Drain: +1 (S)

(C=Class, S=Strong Soul)

Reputation: 0

Skill Points: 6+0=6 (Initial: 24)

Hit Die: d10

Class Features:

Weapon Proficiency    (Simple)
Weapon Proficiency    (Martial)
Armor Proficiency     (Light)
Armor Proficiency     (Medium)
Armor Proficiency     (Shields)
Nature's Warrior      (Forest)
        When fighting humanoids and in Forest, or Wild Beasts anywhere:
        Add half DEX bonus (in addition to STR) to attack rolls.


        +2 circumstance bonus on Listen checks and Spot checks.
Strong Soul
        +1 bonus on Fortitude and Will saves
        +1 bonus on saving throws against energy draining and death effects.
        Check against Wilderness Lore:
        If successful follow trail at half regular speed.

Class Skills

Animal Empathy       2 (CHA,+0)                SkillModifier: +2
Climb                2 (STR,+2)                SkillModifier: +4
Craft                0 (INT,+0)                SkillModifier: 0
Handle Animal        1 (CHA,+0)                SkillModifier: +1
Heal                 2 (WIS,+1)                SkillModifier: +3
Hide                 3 (DEX,+2)                SkillModifier: +5
Intimidate           0 (CHA,+0)                SkillModifier: 0
Intuit Direction     1 (WIS,+1)                SkillModifier: +2
Jump                 0 (STR,+2)                SkillModifier: +2
Knowledge(Nature)    2 (INT,+0)                SkillModifier: +2
Listen               2 (WIS,+1;A,+2)           SkillModifier: +5
Move Silently        4 (DEX,+2)                SkillModifier: +6
Profession           X (WIS,+1)                SkillModifier: X
Ride                 0 (DEX,+2)                SkillModifier: +2
Search               0 (INT,+0)                SkillModifier: 0
Spot                 1 (WIS,+1;A,+2)           SkillModifier: +4
Swim                 0 (STR,+2)                SkillModifier: +2
Use Rope             0 (DEX,+2)                SkillModifier: +2
Wilderness Lore      4 (WIS,+1)                SkillModifier: +5


Cross-Class Skills

Appraise             0 (INT,+0)                SkillModifier: 0
Balance              0 (DEX,+2)                SkillModifier: +2
Bluff                0 (CHA,+0)                SkillModifier: 0
Composure            0 (WIS,+1)                SkillModifier: +1
Concentration        0 (CON,+1)                SkillModifier: +1
Diplomacy            0 (CHA,+0)                SkillModifier: 0
Disable Device       X (INT,+0)                SkillModifier: X
Disguise             0 (CHA,+0)                SkillModifier: 0
Escape Artist        0 (DEX,+2)                SkillModifier: +2
Forgery              0 (INT,+0)                SkillModifier: 0
Gather Information   1 (CHA,+0)                SkillModifier: +1
Innuendo             X (WIS,+1)                SkillModifier: X
Knowledge            0 (INT,+0)                SkillModifier: 0
Open Lock            X (DEX,+2)                SkillModifier: X
Perform              0 (CHA,+0)                SkillModifier: 0
Pick Pocket          X (DEX,+2)                SkillModifier: X
Sense Motive         0 (WIS,+1)                SkillModifier: +1
Tumble               1 (DEX,+2)                SkillModifier: +3
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« Reply #5 on: May 29, 2004, 12:01:20 AM »

Character name: Thalia Siell
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Homeland: Arad Doman
Class: Wanderer

Physical description: Around 5"1 and rather pale, has blue eyes and light brown shoulder-length hair which is tied in a pony tail, usually adorned with a flower of some sort. She is slim and appears very dainty. She is odd for a Domani, as she tends to dress more normally, and not quite as revealing.

History: She grew up in Dahashaa, a small fishing village along the river Akuum. The daughter to a semi-successful manager of a small fishing company called Aku-Fish, she begun life with a great interest in water and the animals that live in it. Throughout her childhood she was a rebel, her mother tried to bring her up as a traditional Domani Woman, but she would have none of it, her passion for nature meant that she would not have been able to do the things she liked doing if she had to wear tight fitting, revealing clothes. She prefered more loose dresses, that allowed her to move and bend down easyer, allowing her to examine things.
She cared nothing for settling down in one place, and felt that her life needed more "sprucing up", and therefore, at the age of 16, she left her home in Dahashaa, and begun to roam the land.
She spent 5 years wandering in the Wilderness, with only her horse, Mushuu to keep her company.
When she came across a town, she begun to rely on her good looks and charm to get her the items she needed for the basic life she led.
Eventually she managed to find herself in the city of Caemlyn, as she was forced near civilisation due to the harsh winter surrounding the place.
She itends to keep as low a profile as possible, but she is curious about this "False Dragon" that is soon to arrive, and thinks she may venture to see him, from a suitable distance ofcourse.

Hit Points: 6

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 10
Wisdom: 8
Intelligence: 14
Charisma: 13

Background Feat: Seductive
Background Skill: Perform

Skills: (8+2) x4 = 40

Balance (4)
Diplomacy (4)
Disable Device (4)
Escape Artist (4)
Gather Information (4)
Hide (4)
Jump (4)
Move Silently (4)
Tumble (4)
Use Rope (4)


Balance (7)
Diplomacy (5)
Disable Device (6)
Escape Artist (7)
Gather Information (5)
Hide (7)
Jump (4)
Perform (5)
Move Silently (7)
Tumble (7)
Use Rope (7)


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« Reply #6 on: May 31, 2004, 07:51:41 PM »

Character Name: Lin Illani
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Homeland: Tar Valon
Class: Initiate (1). (Aes Sedai Accepted)

Physical Description: Quite tall for a woman, standing 5'9", with a slim but robust figure, hazel eyes, and dark, mousy brown hair worn loose to the middle of her back. She appears to be somewhat clumsy. She dresses quite plainly, in fully covering white dresses, that perhaps would be considered a little clingy by the people of countries like Andor or Ghealdan, but nothing compared to the styles prefered in Arad Doman.

Background: Lin had a very quiet childhood, all told. Her father and mother are both tradesman locksmiths of no great repute in Tar Valon, and she picked up some of their skills in her time living at home. At age 14, she was tested positive for the ability to channel by a sister from the Tower, and quickly ushered away from her family to begin training as an Aes Sedai. Aged 19, she passed her test for the rank of Accepted with a few issues, but nothing really worth worrying over. Now, not long after receiving her Great Serpent ring, she is away from the Tower, alone in Caemlyn - and appears unwilling to be questioned on the reason.

Hit Points: 4

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 8
Constitution: 10
Wisdom: 14
Intelligence: 16
Charisma: 13

Background Feat: Cosmopolitan (Open Lock)
Background Skill: Profession (Locksmith)


- Aes Sedai Accepted
- Level One.

Skills: (4+3x4=28)
Open Lock (4) *gains +2 to all checks due to Cosmopolitan*
Composure (4)
Weavesight (4)
Concentration (4)
Decipher Script (4)
Heal (4)

Total skill checks (Including feat and ability bonuses):
Open Lock - 5
Composure - 6
Weavesight - 11
Concentration - 4
Decipher Script - 7
Heal - 6

Feats: (Weavesight from Initiate, Bonus Channeling feat from Initiate)
Affinity (Air)
-Extra Affinity (Spirit)
Cosmopolitan (Open Lock)
Talent (Elementalism)
-Extra Talent (Healing)

Level 0 (Cantrips): 6
Level 1 (Orisons): 3

Weaves Known:
Arms of Air
Harden Air
Tool of Air
Heal the Mind
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