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Author Topic: The Great City Forum Rules and FAQ  (Read 4803 times)
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« on: April 30, 2003, 03:22:51 PM »

These rules are in addition to the standard forum rules, and although they apply specifically to The Great Alliance forums, if they are broken anywhere on the forum you are liable to receive punishment depending on how serious we (The TGA Moderaters) perceive the problem to be.

1. Attack requests should be made in The Great Fortress, if you don’t have the access to The Great Fortress, you shouldn’t be making requests

2. If you want to join, signup using the website. Join requests on the forums will get locked and/or deleted, and you risk being banned.

3. Do not post your unique link! Any threads created with recruit link(s) in will be deleted, and you run the risk of being banned from the forums.

4. Please try to use your KoC name as your forum username. If this is for some reason not possible, you must indicate in your signature what your KoC name is.

The following questions are those which are asked often, please read them:

How do I know if I have been accepted?
When you have been accepted you will be listed on the websites memberlist. If you are not on the list you either are not yet accepted or were rejected for some reason. Applications may take upto a week to be processed, please be patient.
Check the Welcome to our new members thread to find out if you have been accepted.

How do I get into the member's private forum?
When you have been accepted as a member on the website, you will be able to login and select the FORUM ACCESS option to get the password for the forum. Do not PM members asking for the password.

I've been accepted as a member of TGA, but whenever I login it takes me to the member list page.  How do I get the forum password?
Your browser is blocking cookies from the site.  To fix this in Internet Explorer do the following:
goto Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Edit
Enter "hybridchill.com" into the "address of website" field and click the "Allow" button.
Enter "bpsite.co.uk" into the "address of website" field and click the "Allow" button.
Close all the settings windows by clicking "OK" and it should work properly.

I'm a TGA member, and have been away for a while. Why can't I see the Fortress?
You aren't in the TGA MEmbers usergroup. Log into the website and PM SS to say you need to be added.

How do I get an avatar?
First you must register on the forums, then you will see the My Controls link near the top of the page. Go to there, then select Edit Avatar Settings under Personal Profile on the left.

What is Validating?
To become a full member on these forums you must validate your e-mail address. When you signed up a message was sent to the address you provided with a special link in.
To become validated you must visit the linked page.
Note: This is for FORUM membership, it is seperate from your TGA membership.

Why can I not send or receive Private Messages?
You are not validated yet. See the question "What is Validating?" above.

How do I join the IRC channel? What is Quakenet?
To join the IRC channel you must have an IRC client. We recommend either mIRC or Trillian. Trillian .74 is free, but many people prefer mIRC which is Shareware (you need to register and pay for it). Instructions on how to join IRC channels are included with this software.
Quakenet is the IRC server which TGA uses to host it's channel on. To connect to Quakenet you simply select one of the servers in your IRC client connection screen. Most people select "Random Quakenet server".
Once you are connected to Quakenet, read your IRC client instructions on how to join the #koctga channel.

Contacting the leaders.
You can contact the top TGA members via PM, e-mail or IRC.
All times below are BST (GMT+1).
E-Mail: ss@bpsite.co.uk
MSN: msn@bpsite.co.uk
ICQ: 320124493
IRC: usually Mon-Thu, 7pm-11pm.

Auron, MSN: disturbed_log_on@hotmail.com
IRC: almost always Mon-Fri 4pm-10pm.
AIM: Theamazingrugman
Email: auron@bpsite.co.uk

diskreet e-mail: xsilentjx@hotmail.com
IRC: Always... more or less
Aim: lwiqidl
MSN: xsilentjx@hotmail.com

Everous Email: everous@email.com
MSN: Everous@email.com
IRC: Often...

Remco Email: kramer@quicknet.nl
MSN: rkramer11@hotmail.com for MSN
ICQ: 33857739
IRC: Always...

GandalfTheOld Email: knight8183@yahoo.com
AIM: knight8183
IRC: Almost always...(AFK)

I have a question you haven't answered here!
On the rare occasions when this happens, first use the Search facility to check if it has been answered before. If not then you should Contact a TGA council member (Above).

Updated by Auron, master of the known universe, 23/8/03 19:05 (GMT+1) to include a FAQ about the TGA usergroup
Updated by diskreet, master of the unknown universe, 2003.09.19 11:48 (GMT-5) removing Age 2 FAQ and adding a FAQ for accepting cookies with IE
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