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16  BPSITE / BPSITE Headquarters / So...... on: June 28, 2006, 01:41:39 AM
yeah lanair don't call mole's mom a blind guy :hmmm:

(btw why are all my emotes broken? :huh: ?
17  BPSITE / Arts & Literature / A taste of what you're listening to... on: June 28, 2006, 01:24:08 AM
Marco Borsato - Rood

Rood is al lang het rood niet meer
Het rood van rode rozen
De kleur van liefde van weleer
Lijkt door de haat gekozen
Dat mooie rood was ooit van mij
De kleur van passie en van wijn
Ik wil haar terug die mooie tijd
Maar zij lijkt lang gevlogen
En alle beelden op TV
Van bloed en oorlog om ons heen
Werken daar ook niet echt aan mee

Dus ik neem ik heel bewust het besluit
De krant leg ik weg en de TV gaat uit

Vandaag is rood
De kleur van jouw lippen
Vandaag is rood
Wat rood hoort te zijn
Vandaag is,
rood van rood wit blauw
Van heel mijn hart voor jou
'k Schreeuw van de roodbedekte daken
dat ik van je hou
Vandaag is rood gewoon weer liefde tussen jou en mij

Ik loop de deur door en naar buiten waar de zon begint te schijnen
Laat alles achter, ik kijk voor uit en met mijn laatste rooie cent
Koop ik een veel te grote bos met 150 rode rozen
Een voor elk jaar waarvan ik hoop dat jij nog bij me bent

Vandaag is rood
De kleur van jouw lippen
Vandaag is rood
Wat rood hoort te zijn
Vandaag is, rood van rood wit blauw
Van heel mijn hart voor jou
'k Schreeuw van de roodbedekte daken
dat ik van je hou
Vandaag is rood gewoon weer liefde tussen jou en mij

Nu sta je hier zo voor me
De rode avondzon streelt jouw gezicht
Je bent een wonder voor me
Denk ik terwijl een doorn mijn vinger prikt
Rood is mijn bloed dat valt op de grond
En even lijk ik verloren
Maar jij brengt mijn vingers naar je mond
En je kust
en ik weet

Vandaag is rood
De kleur van jouw lippen
Vandaag is rood
Wat rood hoort te zijn
Vandaag is, rood van rood wit blauw
Van heel mijn hart voor jou
'k Schreeuw van de roodbedekte daken
dat ik van je hou
Vandaag is rood gewoon weer liefde tussen jou en mij

Vandaag is rood
Gooi de loper uit en drink een goed glas wijn
Pluk de dag, want het kan zometeen de laatste zijn
Vandaag is rood gewoon weer liefde tussen jou en mij
Vandaag staat rood weer voor de liefde tussen jou en mij

great song!
18  BPSITE / Games and Gaming / Low-spec multiplayer games on: June 28, 2006, 01:15:40 AM
lemme know if you ever gonna poker against eachother, i'm quite hooked on poker lately (mostly playing cash games for like 5 euro a night against the friends i live in a house with) and playing some play money games on the net (and i dled Howard Lederers World Championship Poker 2 lately, great game to help you master the game, as you can earn stuff that shows you hand strength and pot odds of the hands you have)

so mail me if it's ever gonna happen, it'd be more fun to play against you guys then against random people Smiley
19  BPSITE / BPSITE Headquarters / Birthdays on: June 28, 2006, 12:58:32 AM

where did you go, anyway?
i'm still here Smiley and thanks all of you

and well i don't check in that often anymore cause you know... i'm much busier with university stuff and friends and doing much more stupid stuff, so i got much less time to shout random stuff in here... sorry
but i still check in every now and then but you people talk to much so i haven't got a clue what you lot are talking about and last time i checked the site was broke or something so i thought that the site died and nobody told me :blink:

but how are you peepz? what's going on here? gimme an update Tongue  
20  BPSITE / BPSITE Headquarters / Jobs on: April 11, 2006, 02:10:58 AM
I don't have a job... but you gotta love the grass skirt...  :grass:  
21  BPSITE / Geek's Corner / BitTorrent on: April 25, 2005, 11:37:24 PM
Oh god how I loathe Bit Torrents, it is the most shitely developed method of downloading known to man. Why in the 7 hells would you choose to download something at 1kb/s or slower when you can get it off FTP for 125kb/s?
I mean, comeon, its so slow my friends 56k modem can DL something quicker than I can finish a torrent on 1meg BB!
Useless pile of junk, should be banned from existance and the inventor should be shot.

I hate it.
if you got the rite client and the right settings you can pretty much dl at the speed your connection lets you... i haven't used it for a while now but like a month ago i allmost allways dlded with 300kb/sec and allmost no uploading with azureus, rarely get that speeds with limewire and kazaa and stuff...
22  BPSITE / BPSITE Headquarters / Marmite on: February 21, 2005, 11:36:53 PM
LOL this can't be coincidence...
i joined a student association (? don't think that's the right translation...) but basically it's a place students find all sorts of reasons to get drunk real bad  Smiley i'm sure it excists in whichever country you live
and before you join that we got 2 weeks of being fucked around in all sort of ways (mostly funny, some less enjoyable)
and now 1 of the things to break us was to serve sandwiches with marmite every day... and believe me... it's bad... sometimes i thought i'd rather eat shit then that stuff, i'm traumatized  by it
23  BPSITE / BPSITE Headquarters / Hey on: January 31, 2005, 09:15:26 PM
mastachief? masta''cheese-statue-spam-legend''chief?
24  BPSITE / BPSITE Headquarters / Tsunami on: January 12, 2005, 03:47:14 PM
it's true tho... i think the surviors might even get a better place to live after this, you could see it as some sort of natural selection, most of the ill and old didn't survive which should unload the society a bit (i'm not saying that i'm happy about it and off course lots of families are hurt and torn apart but still...)
also the infrastructure took a blow but mebbe the improvement could be even bigger, like Rotterdam, where i live; the germans bombed the whole city in second world war (also it was about the only act of war they did, our government surrendered after that...) and there was nothing left of the inner-city, so everything had to be built from scratch, but it's also a time when the whole thing can be planned again, and it resulted in a city with much less problems with cars and such then other big cities here like Amsterdam :alien:
only problem there might be that in most regions there isn't really much government interference and planning...

and about the money, today our minister added another 250 million euro's which makes a total of around 280 million of aid... for a country with 16 million people...
also actions from cooperating organisations have raised over 150 million here. Also if you see what the US is spending on all kind of wars around the place 350 million really is peanuts...
25  BPSITE / BPSITE Headquarters / Gay marriage on: December 17, 2004, 11:14:35 PM
i'm defenitely not agains gay-marriage... live and let live i say, and it's been legal over here in the netherlands for a while now and i never got any problems with it...

also for all the people who said they shouldn't want to be mary because its against the christian faith... well then i ask them people what the christian faith is to them, is that the same thing the pope says? or the child-abusing church people?

i think there isn't just 1 christian faith (altho i do not know much about it, i confess) but every1 experiences it in his/her own way and what if all the U.S. gay people splitt off and created their own faith, similar to you christian people here only that gays are equal to all other people and their relations would be allowed; how could the U.S. law forbid them to marry for the law, if muslims and christians and people with other faith's can... they'll have to re-write the constitution i believe...
26  BPSITE / BPSITE Headquarters / Scott Peterson Guilty on: November 18, 2004, 12:47:48 PM
i never heard about the case, but i think the lover did it... :unsure:  
27  BPSITE / BPSITE Headquarters / Especially for Chris on: November 17, 2004, 12:05:19 AM
hehe its fucking great  Cheesy  
28  BPSITE / Geek's Corner / wah? on: November 16, 2004, 11:53:15 PM
i should have known... them damned CIA is everywhere... even my laptop is intersting for them...
29  BPSITE / Geek's Corner / wah? on: November 08, 2004, 11:12:46 PM

nobody knows? i got the feeling its happening with more and more websites... it could be a virus?
30  BPSITE / Geek's Corner / wah? on: October 30, 2004, 12:50:42 PM
ehm i got sum problems with several internet pages, giving me the 'page cannot be displayed' crap... and i know it has to be a problem @ my side because it even gives it when i wanna visit www.google.com  Sad
and i can visit google when i search in a google bar... it does it with other pages too and it does it with IE and Mozilla Sad
any ideas on what could be wrong?

edit: oh if I wanna go to google.com it takes me to this site after a while: http://www.www.google.com.org/
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