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1  The Great Alliance / The Great City / What do you want to see in Age Three? on: May 24, 2004, 07:54:18 PM
For Age 3, I would like to see it last only 3 months. Then reset it... even if nothing has changed. The first part when everyone is trying to build as fast as they can is the fun part. When you are trying to get that 3 mil DA and you get sabbed to the stone age and have to start over... ah, that brings up feelings! That makes the game exciting!

I shall show all the anti orc players much love.... I hope my CA gets built quicker then yours  LOL  
2  The Great Alliance / The Great City / Which Age owned? on: March 11, 2004, 07:50:13 AM
Age two was good... but, they should have stopped it in early December.... 3 months would have been plenty.

Age 0 - I didn't play
Age 1 - No sabotage, Rank based on army size, no in game messages, 1 attack to take all money.... just very new stage of developement
Age 2 - Introduced sab... YEAH!, Rank not based on army size anymore,  in game messaging, it rocked... but, once just about everyone was sab immune, in game messages began to talk about peoples moms, mass attacks from accounts that do 20 damage... yet take 2-3 points off your skins.... then it was time to stop Age 2 and move on...
Age 2.5 (beta) - i'm sure it's all been said already  <_<  beta what? The new non sab, less money, more clicking age?
3  The Great Alliance / The Great City / The Bubba Wars have been declared on: February 27, 2004, 07:07:42 AM
let's all hear a few finishing statements, and then we can all get on with our lives.
Stalemate  Tongue
4  The Great Alliance / The Great City / The Bubba Wars have been declared on: February 27, 2004, 01:32:07 AM
Anyways, I dont know where you are at~country but hopefully just dont feed your lizard cane toads/toads as they tend to die. King snakes can handle cane toads though cant they?  Have you fed your lizards mice yet?

Firefairy_8 , nice picture of a Goliath frog from africa...that is a really big frog.
That's a pinesnake..... not a lizard... but anyway, my lizard doesn't get mice... it's a bearded dragon... he gets silkworms, crickets, and veggies. I have 2 Kenyan sand boas.... they get mice.

and smi.... I couldn't figure out how to delete myself..... so instead, I just stayed away for a couple days. Anything I say creates a big arguement with somebody  Wink ... heck, I even offered a batch file to help click officers.... and the answer it got me was a 'Fuck You'
5  The Great Alliance / The Great City / The Bubba Wars have been declared on: February 26, 2004, 11:47:08 PM
It's amazing how just telling the truth can persued people. I never denied starting the war. When people asked 'why' I was attacked, I told them because I started a war with TGA. I did not need to manipulate anybody or 'spin' my story any way. As for people saying TGA teamed up with LordStriker, when I came home from the petstore, I had several IM's on my computer... from people warning me, and also saying that Striker Clan would be participating. People came to that on their own.... and just because of the general dislike for LordStriker and his clan by many people... many people emphasized it.

Many people felt that biteme getting StrikerClan involved was wrong. Last age when biteme and I spoke about 'why' I was attacking LordStriker, he said my reasons were bad... and that he would attack, just  because LordStriker was number 1.... but the other stuff was a bunch of BS.... OK, fine, I was OK with that... and told him each person has their own reasons. And now, he has posted that he would not attack LordStriker and people only do it cause they are jealouse of his position... and that he respects that and wouldn't participate. Biteme was also not happy when I declared war on him.... He even said he was trying to get ready to rival LS. It's very clear to me that biteme has used whatever tactics were needed to help him. Which is to be expected right? This game is about beating other people down.

NS33, as far as what you did, there was no manipulation needed for people to see it was just wrong. I'm sure nobody here needs to have somebody tell them that it's a no no to attack members of allied clans. Because people are often in more than 1 alliance, it creates a web of allies and enemies... people who you should not attack because they are allied with you in some round-about way. At times, friendly fire happens... that's to be expected. And a warning/notification should prevent it. I have said this time and again, I am a member of AA... and some TGA members are also... I don't attack them and I don't plan attacks against them... because we are allied. I am in Relentless, so I don't attack members with DM preceeding their name, cause they are in Disturbed Mortality.... an allied clan. What NS33 did was not in any way a mistake and it was not a 1 time thing... I don't see why you say I had to persuad anybody to think I was in the right and what you did was wrong.... it's blatently obvious. You made your choice and your choice was that it's more important to you to attack me then be a member of Infinite... and that's fine. But you don't need to accuse me of 'persuading' people when what you did was blatently defiant against what it means to be allied.

At this point, it's a bit of a stalemate. I have about all my men trained to attack, you have your men trained to attack, biteme has his men trained to attack.... with the exception of possibly getting lucky and catching a person with money after the servers are down or after an attack, there's pretty  much no more reason for me to continue attacking biteme or you. (Unless i'm bored and I wanna watch some mercs die). The rest of TGA are not active enough players with large enough armies to make waging a war against even worthwhile. (I haven't looked lately, but I think diskreet is still large? bah, who cares...) So, I am now calling it quits on the war.... not because either of us has truely given up.... but because there is about nothing either of us can do to each other now.

As for my age, don't make things personal OK?

Oh, and BTW.... my reptiles eat frogs  Tongue
6  The Great Alliance / The Great City / The Bubba Wars have been declared on: February 24, 2004, 06:22:08 PM
Civilized agreement? "we dont need to destroy each other for no reason" <--- There should be a "civilized agreement" on a war declared because Tracy was feeling bored and decided to war for fun?

"you guys retaliated very well dealing a severe blow to evil's army, i think this is the piont too try to end this" <--- Why are you doing this in the first place? By asking for a peace treaty, who are you doing this for, US, BOTH parties, or just for Tracy?

"go fight some bad guys"
Obviously, Tracy would rather carry on little side conflicts instead of devoting his time to taking down Striker, especially since SC took part in attacking him.

This whole asking for peace thing doesnt make sense to me... <_<
"Tracy was feeling bored and decided to war for fun?" <---- yes, you got it 100% right this time.... I was bored... and decided war would be fun... just as TGA did last age.

"Obviously, Tracy would rather carry on little side conflicts instead of devoting his time to taking down Striker" <----- to do anything at all to LordStriker it takes a large mass. I have already posted in Relentless forums when people asked me about the OSA.... I said if Relentless leaders decide to go after LordStriker, I will follow suit.... and recall the OSA and fight him. But the Relentless leaders have NOT declared anything official against LordStriker as of  yet. There has been some members attacking him... but it's not at all coordinated.... just small groups of players.... so, in this case...  yes, I side conflict with TGA is more fun. You guys fight back.... and if you did not, I would get bored with you. (look at the smaller TGA members and notice I don't mess with them really... they are no fun) Do you think if I attacked LordStriker he would fight back? Nah, he would wait for it to get bigger and go after orc00.... so, if I went to war with him, it would be a one way war.... which is no fun.

And I do believe some members here are taking this too seriously. Yes, while I may have started attacks and I post here and we flame back and forth and play these word games... it's exactly that... a game... and should only go that far.

I think an example of taking this game too seriously is when people try to use out of game tactics against other players. An out of game tactic would be something like this (this is a quote from LordStriker when I spoke with him in Age2)
NaviUser says:
anyway.... like I was telling Kyrakyle... it's a game... we need a good guy and a bad guy... so, maybe if the reasons for being a bad guy aren't 'perfect'... they are good enough though... LOL... and without picking it apart too much... it WAS decieving
Gram [LordStriker] [Rekirts_Drool] says:
Exactly it is a game, and make attacks on me its cool. LIke what sh1fty started in the begining it was honorable. but it seems like the only way my opposition can get support is by brainwashing new players into thinking I'm a cheater and I should pay some how.
NaviUser says:
Well,... people also will believe what they WANT to believe... and I want to believe your the EvilEmpire... and i'm the Rebel Forces
NaviUser says:
so, many of these people already feel this way... they just need a little nudge
Gram [LordStriker] [Rekirts_Drool] says:
I am dead serious when I say this. Clan Recruiter is a business, owned by a California Corporation. The parents of these kids will be very surpized when I seek damages if they adverly effect my target market.
NaviUser says:
Gram [LordStriker] [Rekirts_Drool] says:
This is a game, your useing "out of game" reasons for your resistance. You don't want to cross that line.
NaviUser says:
what are you talking about?... I said your clicker was decieving... and it was... what do you mean.. "out of game reasons"?
NaviUser says:
How are we adversly effecting your target market? By attacking you and/or your officers?
Gram [LordStriker] [Rekirts_Drool] says:
no. its not that.
Gram [LordStriker] [Rekirts_Drool] says:
Its all the crap on GUA everone calling me a cheater. If it was true, the admins would have deleted me. In fact all the "evidence" was givin to Aman and the others and they thought it was childish crap.
Gram [LordStriker] [Rekirts_Drool] says:
and had no foundation.

See, THIS is taking the game too far... tactics like this. I can't verify it 100%... but, I was told he also threatened a lawsuit against Morten and Kyrakyle... that was 2nd hand info though... so, I can't say it's 100% true... but the above conversation IS 100% true.

The reason I post this is for this.... I get the feeling that some members here try to use out of game tactics against me... or at least look for any reason they can find to do such. THAT is going too far.... not in game attacks or flames on message boards. Remember, this IS a game.... and as biteme has said in his posts.... "don't hate the player... hate the game"

Now, lets get back to this war... keep it IN GAME.... and not take things too personally.
7  The Great Alliance / The Great City / The Bubba Wars have been declared on: February 24, 2004, 03:26:34 PM
oh, and 46 isn't that great
maybe not.... but it's not laughable either now is it? If so, then laugh your ass's off... each one of you...  
8  The Great Alliance / The Great City / The Bubba Wars have been declared on: February 24, 2004, 07:45:07 AM
And quit sending your minions against me. They do little but clog up logs  <_<

Your strike action is... laughable...  :huh:
My strike is ranked 46.... is there anybody in TGA who can beat it? Laugh all you want... and laugh harder at your friends whos attack is worse.... and laugh even harder at your 350K return attack for an army of over 4,500

As far as me sending minions.... you got it wrong again... again you screw up your facts.... I posted names of attackers... if people choose to pick you out of the bunch, maybe it's cause of your large size and weak DA?  
9  The Great Alliance / The Great City / The Bubba Wars have been declared on: February 24, 2004, 07:41:08 AM
OMG some of you just need to grow up...mainly Evil...

Why can't you let things go? We explained to you that the war was going to be over when the age ended...has it ended?  OH yes I believe so.  Now it's become this WHOLE THING.  I'm tired  <_<  OF YOU...

Please somebody unban Gixxer...his presence in #koctga should not be a problem b/c THE WAR IS OVER
Did you read the first post? Did I say this was cause of Age 2? My reason was because beta has not been the most exciting time for most.... isn't that the reason you guys called war on us? To bring some spice back to the game? What makes you think your so freaking special that it's cool for you to do, but if I do the same, it's cause I won't let it go? Granted, your alliances past actions had had an impact on my decision.... but I was gonna war with somebody... it was just a matter of choosing who.... just as you guys have your reasons for who you choose.  
10  The Great Alliance / The Great City / The Bubba Wars have been declared on: February 24, 2004, 07:38:12 AM
I think letting Gixxer in would be beneficial more than harmful.  We aren't at war with them any more, and it could help prevent hard feelings between the alliance which would further fuel evil's pitiful war.  We never talk in there about anything important, cuz it's not secure, and I think after war is the time to be able to talk.  Gixxer seems cool, at least compared to Evil, and if he acts up then we can just kick him again.  What we gonna lose?

~coments deleated due to their flaming nature
11  The Great Alliance / The Great City / The Bubba Wars have been declared on: February 23, 2004, 07:45:32 PM
And do explain why Errtu came to me and claimed I had sided with Striker Clan in that attack? I find that a very amusing connection that you've made and would be more than glad to hear how you came to that conclusion.
I didn't tell Errtu you sided with Striker Clan. I had warnings from people including him that there was gonna be an attack on me... and that Striker Clan was also involved. When I saw your name in my logs, I brought it up to him.... and asked if we were supposed to be allied... he said yes... I told him it doesn't sound like much of an ally if he attacks his own allies... and Errtu agreed.... I never said anything about you siding with Striker Clan... he probably came to that conclusion on his own because when he warned me, he had also said Striker Clan was involved. Get your facts straight of who told who what before you try to accuse me. I didn't make any connections.... Errtu did that on his own.
12  The Great Alliance / The Great City / The Bubba Wars have been declared on: February 23, 2004, 06:16:45 PM
4     hours ago     SithL0rd     5,614 Gold stolen     1     81     24     2,755,005     7,178,490     details
4  hours ago  SithL0rd  10,515 Gold stolen  1  52  16  2,929,347  7,368,540  details
4  hours ago  SithL0rd  9,959 Gold stolen  1  65  20  2,974,374  7,307,679  details
4  hours ago  SithL0rd  6,257 Gold stolen  1  47  15  3,113,397  7,353,594  details
4  hours ago  SithL0rd  9,369 Gold stolen  1  48  14  3,018,258  7,471,941  details

How quietly can you say "ouch"? I sure can't do it after THOSE losses  Tongue Then again, I'm not in YOUR position, am I?

Biter, perhaps you should explain how SC was involved in this, no?
NS33=Infinite member
Me=NOO member

Infinite is allied with NOO..... hmmmm... doesn't seem right here NS33. Had I been attacking you for  your affiliations, it would be different.... but just as I ensure AA members who are in TGA don't get hit, you should know that attacking members of allied clans/alliances is a no no.

LadyofLight.... you didn't notice anything because your account is not worth attacking. I put your name out there for newbie players.... who had an SA that was very weak.... most players in our alliance are 2-3 times larger than you and would be wasting their attacks.

Biteme.... that was an impressive attack you coordinated. Age3 beta casualties are pretty damn high! It sucked, but didn't trash me and I will still move on. I wish you luck that your officers start getting active.... i'm sure when that happens, you should then be able to out rank me.... as far as Striker Clan goes... not sure if they really mean it or not... they have given appologies and said they made a mistake... so, hopefully you won't get their help in the future... but we will see.  All I can hope for now is that they bring sabotage back.... before you get immune...  Sad  
13  The Great Alliance / The Great City / The Bubba Wars have been declared on: February 20, 2004, 07:29:01 PM
Such a HUGE mass attack... check out all the participation from yesterdays attack! Prepare... cause today will be worse... I think there may be 2 more attacks  Tongue

32 seconds ago TGA_LadyofLight 610 Gold stolen 1 3 0 45,985 1,834,272 details
1 minute ago TGA_LadyofLight 661 Gold stolen 1 3 0 40,379 1,680,210 details
1 minute ago TGA_LadyofLight 393 Gold stolen 1 2 0 40,470 1,815,263 details
2 minutes ago TGA_LadyofLight 565 Gold stolen 1 3 0 40,512 1,764,997 details
2 minutes ago TGA_LadyofLight 687 Gold stolen 1 3 0 46,165 1,798,354 details
5 minutes ago biteme360 2,935 Gold stolen 1 11 2 461,902 1,762,460 details
5 minutes ago biteme360 3,558 Gold stolen 1 10 2 434,556 1,782,662 details
6 minutes ago biteme360 3,104 Gold stolen 1 7 1 446,640 1,808,302 details
6 minutes ago biteme360 3,357 Gold stolen 1 8 1 467,781 1,825,591 details
7 minutes ago biteme360 2,687 Gold stolen 1 10 2 435,147 1,714,994 details
30 seconds ago biteme360 392 Gold stolen 1 16 10 447,797 3,972,743 details
47 seconds ago biteme360 271 Gold stolen 1 15 10 464,112 3,871,953 details
1 minute ago biteme360 473 Gold stolen 1 18 11 433,325 3,860,709 details
2 minutes ago biteme360 332 Gold stolen 1 20 12 454,360 3,851,034 details
3 minutes ago biteme360 419 Gold stolen 1 10 7 447,153 3,674,249 details
21 seconds ago TGA_LadyofLight 81 Gold stolen 1 2 0 29,172 133,007 details
53 seconds ago TGA_LadyofLight 70 Gold stolen 1 1 0 23,561 77,525 details
1 minute ago TGA_LadyofLight 82 Gold stolen 1 3 0 34,737 120,639 details
5 minutes ago TGA_LadyofLight 110,248 Gold stolen 15 4 1 34,930 90,704 details
5 minutes ago TGA_LadyofLight 7,952 Gold stolen 1 1 0 51,620 85,247 details
1 minute ago TGA_LadyofLight 1,095 Gold stolen 1 1 1 40,414 148,075 details
1 minute ago TGA_LadyofLight 1,005 Gold stolen 1 2 1 34,875 157,510 details
2 minutes ago TGA_LadyofLight 1,292 Gold stolen 1 3 1 34,805 170,385 details
2 minutes ago TGA_LadyofLight 1,148 Gold stolen 1 2 1 29,345 133,360 details
2 minutes ago TGA_LadyofLight 1,090 Gold stolen 1 4 2 34,947 169,805 details
14 seconds ago TGA-Matt_the_Shark 476 Gold stolen 1 1 1 18,883 147,555 details
25 seconds ago TGA-Matt_the_Shark 379 Gold stolen 1 0 1 19,182 123,550 details
35 seconds ago TGA-Matt_the_Shark 596 Gold stolen 1 1 1 18,511 169,155 details
46 seconds ago TGA-Matt_the_Shark 534 Gold stolen 1 0 0 15,856 167,852 details
1 minute ago TGA-Matt_the_Shark 566 Gold stolen 1 0 0 13,677 181,430 details

Biteme... I only counted 1 other person who attacked you? Me and one other? If there were more... then wahoo! It's getting CrAzY NoW!  LOL  
14  The Great Alliance / The Great City / The Bubba Wars have been declared on: February 19, 2004, 08:08:06 PM
i didn't start this crap gixxer, but i will dam well get in the last punch, rank be damed
Nah, not rank be damned.... because the higher your rank, the better you are doing. Higher rank means you have more money for SA, DA, and CA.... rank DOES make a difference.

I have over 7K soldiers.... you have a little over 3K.... I can buy a new 167,800 item each turn... you think 500 dead soldiers is gonna hurt me much? Think again. With all your officers, you should be able to grow huge...and with that, buy more items for your armory....

Yep, if you don't go by rank, I guess the only other thing you can go by is total worth of your armory? Or how much gold you accumulate in a set time through a combination of attacks and TBG? You know how KoC works.... it's all about the gold. He with the most gold (and soldiers to hold the items) will win. Death means nothing in this game if your still getting more gold and have an army to hold your items.

As for the attack by a fake account.... quit trying to throw that crap out again... I get them all the time... I don't accuse anybody of it though.... I think we have all figured out by now they don't do crap in this age... so why don't ya just enjoy them and be happy they don't do anything.

49 minutes ago I_Didnt_Want_To_Kill_Your_Mercs Attack defended 1 0 0 4 **** details
1 day ago FirstName___LastName Attack defended 1 0 0 0 715,384 details
4 days ago BlckBlade Attack defended 1 0 0 185 362,830 details
4 days ago Hi2u2 Attack defended 1 0 0 0 362,524 details
4 days ago lord_of_iceinglass Attack defended 15 0 0 5 218,184 details
5 days ago wouterken Attack defended 15 0 0 5 545,858 details
5 days ago hameer Attack defended 15 0 0 3 494,784 details
5 days ago snuiver Attack defended 1 0 0 5 841,968 details
5 days ago Naguma Attack defended 15 0 0 2 703,302 details
6 days ago Scoreagle Attack defended 15 0 0 13 815,048 details
7 days ago Thanatos_the_Reaper Attack defended 15 0 0 1 165,191 details
1 week ago thedevil69_4 Attack defended 10 0 0 76 67,646 details
1 week ago marc_4k Attack defended 5 0 0 1 76,629 details
1 week ago lilrappah Attack defended 5 0 0 25 76,658 details

15  The Great Alliance / The Great City / The Bubba Wars have been declared on: February 18, 2004, 11:08:48 PM
Ikes, Biteme has gotten me good... he gave me the 5x1 and here were the results

His deaths vs mine
21 / 59
31 / 78
11 / 30
30 / 74
16 / 43

My attacks on him:::
My deaths vs His
13 / 23
9 / 16
6 / 14

Ouch, it hurts to add it up..... don't matter.... I will continue still  Tongue  (just don't drop me below the 167,800 per turn mark.... that's the milestone I was aiming for)
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