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Title: Kanma
Post by: Drauka on September 06, 2003, 03:55:50 AM
READ THIS FIRST: This form of RP is EXTREAMLY involved. I doubt that it will catch on since the simplistic Battle Arena only got one participant. But if you decide to do this, understand if we actually get a game going dropping out in the middle, is rude and ruins the game, for those playing. If your reading this and the RP has already started I understand reading every post would be ridiculously pathetic. Just search for information that would partain to your post, such as location.

Important [/u]
Make a country, its age and might doesn’t matter(Copy me loosly, such as notible areas and people.) I’m re-founding my country relatively weak, and am seeking allies. I’m sending a diplomat to all who reads this. I need help clearing the mine at the north of my border so I may begin to create some form of economy and Trade. And whoever wishes to sign a treaty with me, Send me a letter or diplomat, and we will consult terms. I am willing to trade my tempered glass, goblin slaves or iron - for mercenaries or soldiers to help clear the mine.

)You can include everything i did, more or less, i dont care overly much, its for fun... But no god races IE An army of 1,000,000,000,000 Giants in dragon hide armour all expert soldiers and wizards Ect. its annoying for people who really want to play.(

Location on Map[/u]
Desert Nation, ocean to the south, mountain range to the north. There is a small valley that leads to a salt-water lake and a Petrified Forest imbedded within the mountains. Make up the rest, such as beyond the ocean, or to my eat or west, or beyond the moutains.  http://rpdrauka.tripod.com/ (http://rpdrauka.tripod.com/) the city doesnt have most of this stuff built yet... so ignore it, it is devolopment's i will go through.

Populace [/u]

Majority of the population is a form of intelligent lizard. 10,000+ Said Citizens
Minorities include skeleton, zombie, and goblin slaves. 1000+ Said Slaves (Non-Combatent)

Notable Areas [/u]

The Silent City
After Drauka was exiled from Konnich by his brothers, he led an assault upon his ancestral home, his attack on the city was repressed, so he with he help of the black and red necromancers, he shattered the cites ties to Konnich and transported it to the Kanama desert. Currently zombie slaves are rebuilding the damage to the city... Which was considerable starting with the walls. The commodity: Using is glass formed from the available sand, and black fire. Creating a substance as strong and the greatest marble. The only public areas completed are the Black palace, and the great necromancers tower.

The mine
About 400 miles to the north of the city is a cave, inhabited by large numbers of goblins. Gold and other precious metals/gems have been found here. Currently Drauka controls the first level, which is yielding plenty of iron, small amounts of gold, and silver.

Vabyn, Jon, Kolab

Standing army: [/u]
Dragon Raiders: Non combatent.
Contains enchanted dragons ridden by necromancers,  21 dragon riders currently.
Wall Guard
Small Guard of around 500 zombies/skeletons protecting the only city from goblin raids.
Mine Guards
Gates each have 10 goblin zombie soldiers. Bridges have 50.

Currency: [/u]
None at the moment.

Title: Kanma
Post by: Rug on September 06, 2003, 09:44:37 AM
Drauka, you are a god amongst RPers.

Just because people didn't join the simplistic one doesn't mean they won't join the complex one...

This may/may not be a small preview of something thats being worked on by me ;)

The Nation of Raname


Raname is situated with cliffs across its east / southeast borders, backing onto an Ocean. It has a pair of reasonably small mountain ranges near its centre, which are positioned in a way that creates two Passes leading to the southeast of the country.


Raname is Human nation, containing a few densely populated cities. This puts its population in the 30,000+ region, with a Human underclass (servants, etc) of around 5,000.

Notable Areas[/u]


Ancient Capital of Raname, the City takes its name from the Imperial Palace at its centre, which takes the form of a massive black-walled Tower. The inner city is made up of training facilites, schools, upper-class housing, and the Barracks for Ravenstower's fiercesome defenders - the Legendary Ranami Ravensguard.

The outer city contains the lower-class housing, markets and the like. The majority of Ravenstower's population lives here, in moderately-sized accomadtion, not too far away from their place of work.

Blood Fire Pass

A place of great battles past, Blood Fire Pass is now the industrial centre of Raname, mining the small amounts of the insanely strong Obsidian Crystal they can find, and the peculiar form of Iron used in the creation of Atha'Gar Steel blades.

Notable Persons

Emperor Daynerys Dharkan II

The Emperor of Raname, and a warrior-general with no equal in his Nation. Daynerys can usually be found at the forefront of any major engagement, despite the protests of his Advisors...

Lord Captain Hidar, The Commander of the Vanguard

Hidar is, supposedly, Daynerys' centre general and commander over his armies, though Daynerys usually takes this upon himself. Hidar, therefore, is usually found commanding Daynerys' sizable Ravensguard bodyguard unit.

The General of the Left, Commander Jilaan; The General of the Right, Commander Ferus; and the General of the Rear, Captain Amal

Standing Army[/u]

Raname boasts an enlarged Standing Army;

Consisting of:

450 Ravensguard. (Imperial Guardians, highly elite Spearmen, rarely go anywhere Daynerys isnt)

1000 Standard Infantrymen, the majority Spearmen.

200 Swordsmasters, Under the direct command of Captain Amal

300 Crimson Lancers (Cavalry)


The Silver Mark.

Title: Kanma
Post by: Perdition on September 07, 2003, 12:10:24 AM
GRRR so tempting to join.  but no I can't because I would end up making a deserted island(with only me on it) and I wouldn't take it serious enough.  so I'll think i'll just vissit and harrass the people who have the creativity to play  :P

*runs off in the other direction*

Title: Kanma
Post by: Drauka on September 07, 2003, 05:40:09 AM
A ragged zombie approaches the gates to a great city shouting, “Dip-o-mat!!! Dip-Lot!!!!! Map-Dip-Lo!!” It is apparent that he can’t remember the only word he was assigned to remember.
Soon a guard goes to see what is wrong, and the zombie gives him a letter, the fine paper – obviously made from some sort of animal hide, tempered with sand.

“Dear lord or lady, I require assistance in a matter of importance. I wish to higher soldiers to help clear a lever or two from the mines. Currently there is a horde of free goblins down there... They constantly interrupt mining processes and city reconstruction. I would gladly offer 25% of any slaves captured or raised by my necromancers, and plenty of our special glass, (It is black with silver and gold flecks) Very useful for a dinning material – It absorbed heat well, the more glass present the more heat is absorbed. Send your reply with my servant and If the news is good I will personally come to exchange ideas for the contract or Escort men tot he mine.

The Silent Storm”

Title: Kanma
Post by: GandalfTheOld on September 08, 2003, 07:11:26 PM
Will be checking once a day or something... mebbe... just mebbe... bear with me if I don't have imagination, and my thoughts aren't all too complete

Alright, changed a few bits, placed my land to the east of Drauka's.


Location and Notable Places

Locating within the central forest, called Mirkwood, the west leading to the wilderness of the Southrons, the east fenced by Misty Mountains, the north leading to the hillside lands of Brandywine, and the south with grasslands of Rohan.
Beyond the high ridges of the Misty Mountains lie the Desert Nation of Kaname.  The weather climate and precipitation differ greatly between these two sections of the world as a result of the sky scraping peaks of the Misty Mountains that block most clouds from getting through.
The entire city is protected by the forests, carefully hidden and sealed off from intrusion by powerful runes and spells to camouflage and block all entrances.  No mortal has ever entered this mystical metropolis of the elves and left alive, although daring souls have entered the forest and came out months later, haggard, half-starved to death, and disoriented.

Approximately 5,000 elves, consisting of:
25 Elven Royal Family and their servants
80 Elven Gryphon Riders (and likewise 80 Gryphons)
90 Elven Adamantite Smiths
140 Elven Mithril Smiths
150 Elven Falconers  
205 Elven Sorceresses
215 Elven Assassins
310 Elven Wizards
335 Elven Elite Hunters
350 Elven Bards
450 Elven Priests and Priestesses
650 Elven Hunters and Hunteresses
2,000 Elven Commonfolks

Unknown, possibly gold pieces

Elves have always been in tune with their nature.  So close they are to the nature that their magic users have heightened elemental powers.  Hunters, Falconers, the Royal Elite Hunters, and the Gryphon Riders alike have even learned to communicate to each one's respective animals.  Yet, they are a secretive and suspicious creature, regarding the intruding Humans, and especially the dreaded Orcs, with a careful eye.  Perhaps it's their long history and long life that gave them a sense of arrogance, perhaps this pride and suspicion of their neighbors that leads to their fall...

As the onslaught and spread of the undead and evil continues, the hunters on guard at strategic points at the fringes of the forest report of humans and orcs alike cutting down the valuable forests of the elves' homeland.  The elves' homeland is being endangered by these logging practices, they cannot rest until something is done.  With tensions building up, it maybe only a matter of time before attack ensues...

Title: Kanma
Post by: Drauka on September 08, 2003, 09:51:32 PM
Auron? *poke*

Title: Kanma
Post by: Perdition on September 09, 2003, 07:42:10 AM
ooo now we are poking people yay.

*pokes Auron, poke, poke*

Title: Kanma
Post by: Rug on September 10, 2003, 04:26:49 PM
Uh, sorry. Busy. Will reply when I have time.

Soz Drauka....

Title: Kanma
Post by: Drauka on December 10, 2003, 09:04:24 PM
Angry Bump

Title: Kanma
Post by: Rug on December 10, 2003, 09:24:29 PM
Angry this-died-months-ago-and-you-know-it post.

Title: Kanma
Post by: Drauka on December 11, 2003, 07:53:12 AM
angry maybe-other-people-want-to-join-a-rpg-and-just-needed-one-to-start-playing reply

Title: Kanma
Post by: Perdition on December 11, 2003, 08:13:17 AM
I thought it was fairly obvious that the majority of the people on this forum arn't really interested in RPing. unless it involves yiffing and even that has a select number

Title: Kanma
Post by: mole on December 14, 2003, 06:10:38 PM
im interested its just no one ever does an RP i wud like WoT wud be fun but i want to finish the books

Title: Kanma
Post by: SS on December 14, 2003, 06:17:30 PM
Hurry up and finish them then, because the WoT one was fun until it fell apart. :(

Title: Kanma
Post by: RipperRoo on December 14, 2003, 06:48:50 PM
Everyone on this forums loves RPing!!!

Title: Kanma
Post by: LadyofLight on December 21, 2003, 06:10:55 AM
Well, I'm interested if anyone else still is, but I've never played an RP before, so bear with me.  Here I go...

Placed my land to the northwest of Lothlorien, on the other side of the Misty Mountains.

South Farthing

Location and Notable Places:
Located on the west side of the Misty Mountains, the South Farthing is a rich, fertile land populated by halflings, who, though small in stature, bear an incredible inner strength when it comes to it.  While short of strength, halfings have incredible aim, and thus make very good archers.  To the north is the East-West Road.  The South Downs and a small mountain range create a barrier between the South Farthing and Desert Nation, with only one safe path from the barrow-wights.  To the east is the plain at the foot of the Misty Mountains.  To the west lies the ocean and beyond, accessed by the harbor at the Grey Havens.  While there are minimal outer fortifications to the South Farthing, its defense is stoutly maintained by the hardy bounders, though they are rarely are needed as the SOuth Farthing is generally known as a land of peace.

Approximately 10,000 halflings, consisting of:
250 calvary (on ponies, not full horses as only one halfling has ever been able to ride a full grown horse)
300 city guards
450 swords-halflings
1,000 bounders
3,000 archers
5,000 common halflings, who live normal lives, and throw a mean stone.

Gold is sometimes used, but within the South Farthing usually trade is prefered to currency.

The halflings have long been isolated from the rest of the world and are largely unexposed to war and treachery, but as the years go on tension has grown on the borders.  The bounders grow restless as they sense oncoming conflict, but they know not whence the feeling came or who to fear.  Wierd happenings have begun acroos the land, along with the appearance of wolves and many strange folk.  The halflings fear their isolation is ending, and they will soon be thrown into the rest of the world...